Since the launch of the Mother Lode River Center’s Greenhouse Action Plan (GAP) in February, 2007, it has become a fertile branch of the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. It has brought about major changes and developments starting with our waste vegetable oil fueled Ecobus and on-site refinery, photovoltaic solar-electric arrays, solar hot water heaters, and an organic garden and greenhouse. We began to present these projects to our guests, who were pleased, impressed and many downright excited. This, we realize, is the budding of a new branch, one that even more directly includes you!

We are very excited to offer on request Sustainable Practices activities at the River Center. Though unconventional, we believe its aim is vital: to inspire and empower people through progressive experiential education and recreation. You can explore what sustainability truly means by learning about the applications and effects of Solar Power, Alternative Fuel, Organic Gardening, Recycling/Reuse, Conservation and Advocacy through a variety of group activities led by our facilitators.

How Sustainable Practices Works

Sustainable Practices is a value added extra, and can be added to any of our programs in the form of a short tour, service project or an activity just for fun like helping out in the garden. You can combine it with one or more of our other programs to create fun and informative multi-day adventures. Or, spend the day at our camp on the American River and learn how a little creativity and initiative can result in dramatic changes in your use of energy, and the various ways we can all reduce our impact on the ecosystems that support us all.

Come Join Us at Mother Lode and Help Build Tomorrow, Today!