Learn to “read” river features and guide a raft through class III whitewater. Learn how to deliver a safety talk and understand the safety you are talking about, prepare equipment and meals, tie knots, and a variety of other skills. River ecosystems and local history are also emphasized during our week long Guide School.

I was also very impressed on how they handled the different ages, levels and career aspirations of the class. There were youngsters with little rafting experience who wanted eventual summer jobs and old guys like me with rafting experience looking for a bit more adventure. In each case, they tailored the training to ensure needs were met.

Croc M.

Friends and Family Weekend!

After completing the first five days of our Guide School, students are invited to bring their friends and family to visit the River Center over the weekend to show off their new skills and expertise. Extremely discounted rates will be available for guests of guide school students during this special weekend.

Guide School

Our Guide School is designed to teach its students how to become competent river guides. You can expect a collective sense of camaraderie, peak experiences and fun. Prepare yourself for teamwork, critical thinking tasks, logistical challenges, and abundant sharing of river knowledge.These are inherent aspects of our guide school so as to emulate the demands of a commercial whitewater rafting trip.

Call Now to Book

For those interested in completing and receiving a Swiftwater Rescue Certification, this course is available through Sierra Rescue for an additional $250/student on the two days following guide school. A Swiftwater Rescue Certification is required to work at most river companies. Mother Lode will provide rafting gear for the course and school duration, which includes rafts, paddles, oars, frames, emergency equipment, helmets and life jackets. Also included in the guide school cost is: camping, meals from Monday morning through Friday night dinner. You are responsible for providing your own for meals during Swiftwater Rescue Training and the Friends & Family weekend.

(Optional) Swiftwater Rescue Course Information

Students interested in enrolling in the optional Swiftwater Rescue Course on June 26-27, 2017 should enroll directly through Sierra Rescue. They also offer courses on weekends before guide school begins as well as a few weekends afterwards.

» Click here to enroll in the optional Swiftwater Rescue Course

Additionally, please plan on arriving the night before your guide school (Sunday, June 18). Check in any time after 4PM.