Mother Lode River Center offers programs for corporate groups that are designed to break down interpersonal barriers, leading to group collaboration, increased interpersonal communication and a heightened respect for each team member.

All too often, because most groups lack a good way to communicate, one (or a few) of its members decide how things are for all.  This leads to feelings of misunderstanding and detachment.

Joe Tassinari, Workplace Enrichment Coach

Voit Real Estate visits Mother Lode River Center!Productive. Efficient. Enjoyable. Successful. Corporate team-building activities are so much more than just hype. 

Interactive and Upbeat Workshops

We are excited to continue or partnership with Joe Tassinari and his organization, Business Works. Business Works offers innovative seminars that deliver positive interactions and peaceful work communities. Bring your crew our beautiful private camp, and improve your organizational focus through one of these workshops:

  • Managing Time, Self and Professional Relationships
  • How To Work As A Team
  • Positive Customer Service

Joe’s professional focus is helping organizations create highly engaging and productive workplaces where people have the opportunity to be their best among a united team. Joe also works as an outdoor education facilitator here at the River Center.

We Recommend: The Eco-Friendly Retreat House

This season, we invite groups to experience our new Eco-Friendly Retreat House! With a large patio overlooking the American River, the Retreat House adds an unbeatable layer of luxury and cohesiveness to any corporate retreat…

Multiple rooms and spaces enable small-group meeting areas for brainstorming, discussion and collaboration.

Interested in a workshop? Call us directly at (530) 626-4187 to reserve your date.