Field Trips and Class Retreats

Our programs for school groups are great field trip or class retreat events that promote deeper understanding and respect of students community, relationship building and teamwork, a well as their vital role in nature’s ecological web.

The staff members were very professional and knowledgeable about what they taught the students. They connected well with our students and were positive role models and guides for various outdoor activities. The students appreciated and respected their expertise. — Kathy T.

Compliment Your Curriculum

Our materials will engage students in topics that matter to them – the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat. Compliment your classroom curriculum standards with our environmentally structured outdoor education programs. As students cultivate their new, unique hands-on understanding of the environment, classroom topics will reveal themselves in new, recognizable ways.

Encourage your students to become responsible stewards of this earth! In the 21st century, an increased respect and understanding of the environment and our impact on it will be critical. Turn your students into critical thinkers and problem solvers by using our educational environment as a context for discovery.

Choose Your ‘Lode’

Our 20 acre facility is uniquely structured to support the ‘campus’ like feel of our outdoor educational programs. View a map of the River Center.

Main ‘Lode’

Retreat Center CampingLocated in the heart of our facility, both students and instructors can enjoy the convenient short walk to the restrooms, outdoor kitchen, volleyball court and ropes course. The following accommodations are located in Main ‘Lode’:

Retreat ‘Lode’

The newest addition to the River Center! Enjoy a more upscale camping experience on the downstream end of our facility. With high ground views of the American River and a calm place for swimming, the Retreat ‘Lode’ offers an unforgettable outdoor experience. The following accommodations are available in Retreat ‘Lode’:

Upper ‘Lode’

Designed for a more wilderness experience, the Upper ‘Lode’ of our facility is located in the most upstream section of the River Center. With access to our new Interpretive Trail, the Island (most popular tent camping site!) and a variety of secluded camping spaces, guests can enjoy the back-country of Mother Lode! The following accommodations are located in Upper ‘Lode’: