Kayaking InstructionHappy_kayaker

Tune-up your kayak skills on the American River. Mother Lode offers kayaking instruction with Mary and Phil DeRiemer, two of the most experienced instructors in the country. Renowned for their ability to meet each person’s needs, they are able to tailor what and how they teach to the individual. Their playful styles create a supportive environment, and within a very short time you’ll notice the improvement in your paddling and a boost to your confidence on the river. When not teaching on the American River they can be found guiding trips around the US, Ecuador and Bhutan.

Swiftwater Rescue Trainingsierra rescue

Whether it is the Rescue 3 swiftwater rescue technician, river rescue, whitewater rescue or stream rescue, we have the class for you! As the California and Western Regional Training Center for Rescue 3 International, Sierra Rescue is the ideal choice for your swiftwater rescue training needs. With over 25 years of experience, our classes are customized for your environment. Our Rescue 3 classes are NFPA compliant and our series of classes for Fisheries folks receive rave reviews. We cater to Fire Departments, Search and Rescue Swiftwater Teams, USAF, US Coast Guard Swiftwater Teams, Sheriff Departments and many other agencies.

Guided Hikes along the American River Trail

This trip starts from our camp at Mother Lode Center, where the rafts will ferry guests and hiking guide(s) to the trailhead. Mother Lode guides will provide drinking water, snacks, and first aid kit for the hike.


After a cooling dip in the river if needed, the guided hike begins, winding up the hill into Magnolia Ranch on a path shaded by a variety of oaks, pines, buckeye, spicy wild Bay trees, and lined with tall grasses that are a lush green and sprinkled with wildflowers in the spring, classic California gold in the summer and fall. We’ll stop at interesting sites to learn about local ecology and take in beautiful vistas of the river below. There’s plenty of wildlife as well; we’ve seen foxes, bobcats, raccoons, coyotes, martens, skunks, shrews, voles, lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, salamanders, and dozens of bird species on this trail.

Equine Connections

Equine Therapy

Using common, and not-so-common tools, Equine Connections facilitates beneficial and sustainable Equine Therapy to change the way you work, communicate, and live. Personal insight and conflict resolution skills are facilitated through interaction with horses. Equine therapy, working with horses, creates a higher state of awareness of the 90% of non-verbal communication. The excercises are developed to promote skills in leadership, teamwork and creative thinking.

Massage Therapy

Treat yourself to a relaxing Swedish or deep tissue massage after a rigorous day of paddling or a challenge course program. Days, evenings, weekends. Schedule your massage when you make your reservation with us. The only way to end a wonderful weekend!