Suitable for all ages from 4th Grade up.

Our Life Skills Development Program utilizes experiential learning to foster life skills development and personal growth. We emphasize self-esteem, trust, problem solving, self-discovery and responsibility. As students work together through a physically and mentally challenging ropes course, leadership skills and teamwork are the main focus. Observation, discussion, planning, organization, debriefing and physical activity play a central role in every exercise.

leaping toward the trapezeThe course is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, on the banks of the South Fork of the American River. The uplifting and inspiring natural setting of our 20 acre camp and the friendly guidance of our staff ensure an enjoyable and valuable experience for your students.

The Life Skills Development challenge course consists of low element activities (activities occurring close to the ground) and high challenge elements (activities which take place 20-40 feet above the ground). The low elements include games, trust activities, group initiatives and activities involving structural elements that build on problem solving skills and trust, such as the “Nitro Swing,” “Spider Web” and “Whale Watch.” The high elements are primarily individual challenges. We support participants as they find their comfort zones and possibly choose to push beyond them. Examples of high elements are the “Cat Walk,” “Climbing Wall” and “Leap of Faith”.

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