Experience Mother Lode River Center’s newest addition – the riverside zip line! Our zip line is 370 feet long, and will send you flying alongside the South Fork American River at speeds of over 20 miles per hour. Built to rigorous safety standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), our zipline is safety certified and exhilarating.

The Zip Line Experience

As you ascend the steps leading up to the starting deck, you’ll get a commanding view of our beautiful camp. Glimpses of the South Fork American River can be caught through the native ponderosa pines and live oaks.  After being safely connected to the zip line by one of our skilled facilitators, you’ll walk the plank, hold on, and enjoy the ride as you rocket through cedar trees and across our camp at over 20 miles per hour. You’ll reach the transfer station 370 feet later where you’ll be safely lowered to the ground.

Watch our video and zip the river!

Zip Line Pricing

The zip line is already included in every High Element challenge ropes program, but it makes for an exciting addition to any whitewater rafting or hiking adventure. Raise your adrenaline on the zip line before heading out for a day of river-centered adventure.

  • 1 Zip = $25

We need a minimum of 10 people or 10 “zips” to run the zip-line as a stand-alone activity.

All zip line riders must be 240 pounds or under.


If you’re interested in the zip line as a stand-alone activity, please contact our office for available dates and times: (530) 626-4187.