You know that tickling feeling in your stomach you get when you’re on a roller coaster just waiting, anticipating going over that first drop? And then the exhilaration of actually going over and the rush of dropping? Whitewater rafting is a hundred times better – and the view is always nicer too. Less than an hour from Sacramento and 3 hours from the bay area, you’ll get to enjoy the best whitewater rafting in California – and it’s available every day!

A Bonding Experience Like No Other

There are few group activities in this world that can bring friends and family closer together like whitewater rafting. An experience like this brings you closer to nature, closer to each other. It’s simply amazing. Whitewater rafting is something you must do at least once in your life, and the American River is perfect for all skill levels. It offers something for beginners and a little more for seasoned veterans.

South Fork of the American River

whitewater rafting on the South Fork American River Got kids? Just beginning? Then rafting the South Fork of the American River is perfect for you. Whether you’re with children or this is your first time river rafting, with over 40 beginner-friendly river rapids, the South Fork is just right for newbies and intermediates. See our South Fork video.

Middle Fork of the American River

running Tunnel Chute on the Middle Fork American River Looking for something a little more challenging? Hope you’re ready. Rafting the Middle Fork of the American River is a nice adventure for the more daring, as they offer challenging Class III-IV rapids. It’s an excellent choice to challenge your river rafting skills, or if you and your group just want to experience something a little more remote and out in the wilderness. See our Middle Fork video.

North Fork of the American River

Chamberlain Falls on the North Fork American River Are you an adrenaline junkie? An experienced river rafter who’s ready for the next challenge? Welcome to the North Fork of the American River – where the faint of heart need not apply. But don’t wait! The river rafting season on this part of the river is only available from April through June!

South and Middle Fork Combo

Experience the best of the South Fork and Middle Fork with our special 2-day American River Combo!

Guide School

Want to be a whitewater river rafting guide? Check out our guide school where you can learn and practice the skills and techniques required to become a first-class whitewater rafting guide.