This is the 24th season the Mother Lode Ropes Challenge Course has provided Team Building opportunities to schools, sports teams, families, community groups and businesses from California and beyond. Thousands of participants choose our course for their next adventure each season, here are a few of their reasons:

Riverside setting: 20 gorgeous acres with over ½ mile of riverfront. A unique opportunity to combine Ropes Challenge with the river experience.

Our Staff: Fun loving, engaging and dedicated to serving you, our guides are comprehensively trained as Ropes Challenge facilitators, Whitewater River Guides and Outdoor School instructors- you learn more because they have more to share!

Flexibility: Our programs range in length from a short half-day Highs Program, to a full-day program that includes both Low and High Ropes, to multiple-day programs that combine Ropes Challenge with Rafting, Outdoor Education, Camping and meals.  Each program is designed to meet the needs and objectives of your group in an atmosphere of support, respect, safety and most important of all, riverside fun!  We look forward to working with you to create an experience that meets your needs.

What is a Challenge Ropes Course?

Are you ready to test your mind, body, and spirit? Challenge ropes courses are built with low and high elements that are great for personal development and team building. Kids, adults, school groups, families, and business teams all benefit from time on a challenge ropes course. It’s a fun and powerful way to get a stronger sense of personal accomplishment and self-esteem, as well as increased teamwork and camaraderie.

Low Elements©-malode.com_-239x360.jpgThe “Lows” challenge groups to work together to accomplish tasks and overcome real and imaginary obstacles, close to the ground. They consist of a series of games, trust activities, and problem-solving “initiatives” designed to promote communication, group collaboration, and team building. As the group progresses throughout the day, you will observe each individual developing a caring attitude for their team. It is truly an experience to watch this transformation among groups as their collective trust develops, overpowering the need for competition and rivalry. This group-oriented experience emphasizes the following principles:

  • Relationship/Team Building/Inclusion
  • Skill Building – group cohesion leads to increased creativity/development
  • Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution

High Elements – Climbs and Zipline©-malode.com_-240x360.jpgThe “Highs” develop trust in yourself and others as you complete high element challenges that require thoughtfulness and concentration above the ground. High elements consist of a series of challenges, like ziplines, catwalks, climbs, and “leaps of faith” that occur 20-40 feet above the ground. Experienced and skilled facilitators are attached by a rope and belay system to the individuals who move through each element at their own comfort level and their own pace. Using a belay system enables the belayer to hold the entire weight of the climber with just a small amount of force and easily hold or lower a climber as needed or desired.

How do Challenge Ropes Courses help children?

Children build leadership and teamwork when they participate in a Challenge Ropes Course. They participate in observing, discussing, organizing and summarizing the accomplishments of the team challenges. This process helps them to develop and sharpen important life skills like problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting, cooperation, responsibility, integrity, and self-discovery.

As students work together as a team to achieve a common goal, they’ll experience greater self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as increased trust and social cohesion.©-malode.com_-240x360.jpgHow do Challenge Ropes Courses help companies?

The corporate challenge ropes course is designed to foster the development of skills of team productivity, collaboration, and team cohesion. A Challenge Ropes Course is a powerful experiential learning tool for any company looking to develop stronger relationships between its team members. Some benefits of taking your company through the challenge ropes course include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Re-energized teams
  • Uncovering and development of leadership styles
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Strategy development
  • Collaboration

A corporate Challenge Ropes program follows a sequence of fun but challenging group activities that begin with simple tasks and culminates in complex challenges. This sequencing helps foster and develop the practice of skills fundamental to team productivity and cohesiveness, such as trust, communication, risk-taking, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

Half Day High Ropes Challenge

adventure park high walk

Spend an exhilarating three hours rotating through the different high elements of our challenge course. Skilled facilitators will be actively engaged at each element, encouraging and providing instruction as participants encounter each new activity. As a “challenge by choice” course, participants are welcome to ‘opt out’ of any elements that they find personally intimidating.

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Challenge Course & Rafting

Raft and Zipline California

Take all of the confidence boosting, self-growth, bonding of our Zip Line and High Ropes Course and apply it to the thrill, challenge and fun of whitewater rafting.

50th Anniversary Special! 

No minimum number required. Choose any of the following Saturdays June 15, 22, July 20, 27, August 10, 17.

Limited availability so first come, first served. Email us or call for special 50th Anniversary discount.


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