Low Elements

Low-Risk High-Impact Ropes Course Programs

The Low Elements of our Challenge Ropes Course promote team building and consist of series of games, trust activities, initiatives and ‘low elements’ (activities that occur close to the ground). 

As the group progresses throughout the day, you will observe each individual developing a caring attitude and displaying concern for others. It is truly an experience to watch this transformation among the group as their collective trust develops, overpowering the need for competition and rivalry. This group-oriented experience emphasizes the following principles:

  • Relationship/Team Building/Inclusion
  • Skill Building – group cohesion leads to increased creativity/development
  • Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution

We did the low ropes course and had a phenomenal time. My son liked the "Whale Watch" element the best and we can’t wait to come back!!”

Low Ropes Course Programs

Full Day: Low Elements

(6 Hours)

low ropes - outdoor education program

The full day option consists of three hours of activity in the morning, followed by three hours of activity in the afternoon, stopping for lunch in between. If you are traveling from out of town or are looking for dedicated focus on the course principles, this full day option is perfect for you!

10 Person Minimum Reservation.

Half Day: Low Elements

(3 Hours)

Our three-hour half day option is great way to break down interpersonal barriers and open up the flow of positive energy. Play is good for the soul, and gets the group warmed up for working together. The facilitator starts the group with activities that require low to moderate levels of trust, building upon all of the course principles listed above as the activity progresses.

We recommend you book this activity with our Half Day High Ropes Course Activity

10 Person Minimum Reservation.

Team Building Games

Games are a great way to break down barriers and open up the flow of positive energy. Play is good for your soul; it gets you warmed up for working together.

Trust Activities

The facilitator starts the group with activities that require low to moderate levels of trust, like a blindfolded trust walk, and gradually  move into activities that require total group trust.


These activities greatly depend on devising a plan for accomplishment and success. Effective communication, leadership development and problem solving become relevant focuses. The group’s process and progress are carefully monitored by the facilitator and then discussed by the group to help capture the essence of what has been achieved.

Low Elements

Specific challenges utilizing low structural elements which build on the safety systems of trust activities and the problem solving of the initiatives.

  • Nitro Swing – Transfer the group from one side of an area to the other by swinging on a rope without touching the ground. The excitement may be enhanced by carrying a bucket of water with them.
  • Spider Web – Move the entire group through fabricated web openings so that each person goes through an opening without touching the web.
  • Whale Watch – The objective is to have the group perform various functions on a balanced wooden platform without allowing the edges of the platform to touch the ground.
  • Bridge is Out – Bridge segments of different sizes must be used to get the group across the ‘river’. Only three bridge segments are available for 5-7 openings.
  • Up and Over Wall – The challenge is that each team member must get over this 10-14 foot wall. This requires planning and communication, especially how to get the last person up and over.
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