Family Group Adventures

A family bonding experience like no other

Family Ropes, Rafting and Camping Adventures – With Benefits!

With trips designed to engage and excite even the grumpiest of teenagers, Mother Lode River Center is the perfect summer destination for your family adventures. That’s right, you heard us correctly. Fun for the whole family!

  • Private camping spaces
    • Feel at ease overnight with our wide variety of accommodations, designed to fit your specific needs.
  • Health-conscious meal options
    • With an on-site vegetable garden and area partners, many of the home cooked meals here at Mother Lode are both local and organic.
  • A focused, educational atmosphere
    • Connecting over 270,000 guests with nature over the last 40 years, environmental education plays a role in every program and activity.
  • Commitment to safety
    • Each staff member carries First Aid/CPR and Swiftwater Rescue certifications.



Your guides were very capable and took their responsibilities seriously. We were able to enjoy the beauty and thrill of the river without fear of unsafe conditions with our two kids on board.

Activites at Mother Lode

On The American River

At The Adventure Center

Team Building & River Skills

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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