What is your favorite rapid and what makes it special?

I love Kanaka on the Middle fork because it demands such a beautiful line and is so fun when you hit it well, but also punishing if you hit it wrong. On the South Fork, Scissors is without a doubt my favorite rapid. It just looks so cool and feels so narrow, and is always fun for the guests and guides

Why do you love working for Mother Lode?

I love Mother Lode because they are the only company on the river that advocates for the protection of rivers. I have come to realize that this advocacy is an example of the kind of integrity that the company is built on. It’s a great company to work for.

What’s one of your favorite adventures?

I did an amazing 10 day backpacking trip through the remote southern part of Yosemite up through Tuolumne Meadows and out through Virginia Lakes. We saw only 3 other people and got to swim in the headwaters of the Merced river. We encountered foxes, grouse, coyotes, foxes, pikas, and marmots. We also found the crash site of a WWII era airplane. My Grand Canyon river trip was also pretty rad.