Mother Lode River Center campground at dawn
Facility Map

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Whether you prefer tent camping, glamour camping (aka glamping), or enjoying the great outdoors from the cozy confines of our charming cottage you will always remember your visit to Mother Lode River Center.

Exclusive to you and our guests, you’ll get to take advantage of our newly expanded 19-acre camping accommodations, which stretch a 1/2 mile of picturesque riverfront along the South Fork American River.

Camping spaces cost $12 per person per night**; and you are always invited to camp here with little more than a sleeping bag.

Additional Amenities

When you stay at the Mother Lode River Center, you’ll quickly learn why locals affectionately refer to us as “MaLode”. In addition to the thrilling whitewater rafting, exciting challenge ropes and stimulating outdoor education programs you’ll discover many other reasons people love spending their vacations with us.

  • - FREE Shower/Restroom Facilities – Our free modern solar powered bathroom facilities have clean, hot showers, sinks and toilets. Perfect for families.
  • - Private Changing Areas – Enjoy privacy while changing into and out of river gear. Conveniently located next to the free restroom facilities.
  • - Extensive Picnic Area – Bringing your own food? Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while using our expansive outdoor picnic area.
  • - Riverside Fire Rings – An outdoor vacation wouldn’t be the same without a campfire to sit around at night roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.
  • - River Sauna – Relax at the end of a long day, sweating stress away in our beautiful river sauna.
  • - Eddy Pool – Rejuvenate and reminisce about your adventurous day in our calming eddy pool.
  • - Nisenan Grinding Rocks – Learn more about the Nisenan Indians and how they pounded and crushed acorn into flour on the Nisenan Grinding Rocks, right here on our campgrounds.
  • - Firewood – Need firewood for your campfire? $5 per bundle.

Accommodation Upgrades


Dome Tents: Need a tent? No problem. We can supply you with a dome tent and, upon request; we’ll even set it up for you prior to your arrival. There’s something special about tent camping on the American River, and we invite you to come experience it for yourself. Available at your convenience for a small fee of just $10-20 per night. You’ll need to provide your own sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping pad. 

Help Save the Grass! Please remember to remove your tent from the grass before leaving for the river. Tents left on the grass during the day will destroy the grass. Without the grass the camp washes downstream during floods.

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Canvas Cabin Tents: Feel like roughing-it but prefer a little extra comfort? You can enjoy camping in one of our canvas cabin tents. They accommodate up to 4 people, each containing 2 bunk bed cots. If you have a bigger group to accommodate we have several tents that can hold up to 8 people with 4 bunk bed cots. Tents to accommodate 4 people are available at your convenience for just $50 per night, and 8 people for just $60 per night. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. 

glam cab

Glamour Cabins: If just the thought of sleeping on grass or a cot makes your back ache, then glamour camping may be just what you’re looking for. Our glamour camping accommodations (aka glamping) are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without ‘roughing it’. You’ll be able to relax in these glamour tents which come furnished with mattresses so you can get a good night sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to go. Plus, you’ll feel more secure as these glamour tents come equipped with sturdy roll up windows and doors so you can enjoy the elements while not being in the elements. You must reserve one of these tents early though, as they tend to go quick every year. Enjoy the great outdoors in one of our glamour camping tents for only $80 per night. You’ll need to provide your own sleeping bag and pillow. 

RC-Living Room IIIRiver CottageImagine taking your bedroom, and all its modern comforts, and placing it smack in the middle of the woods. Imagine no more. Lodging in our cozy and charming river cottage allows you to enjoy the warmth, privacy and amenities of an actual home while still being steps away from all the outdoor activities Mother Lode has to offer. It’s perfect for family camping. For just $190 per night, you can’t beat the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. 


Eco-Friendly Retreat House: This summer, we are excited to introduce our beautiful newly renovated riverfront vacation house! With incredible river views, energy efficient appliances and utilities and eco-friendly design standards, our Retreat House offers a truly unique experience, available exclusively to Mother Lode River Center guests. Electronic locks programmed with your unique code offer privacy and convenience. Overlook the South Fork American River on the expansive patio and lawn with complimentary propane BBQ. Great for relaxing after a long day of rafting! Cost: $290/night


**Camping spaces cost $12 per person per night.


  • Camping Fee x  People = $24 x (2) nights = $48 total
  • Tent Rental ($10) x (2) nights = $20 total

Total Cost for Overnight Camping Accommodations: $68 total