Atmospheric River Delivers Rafting Flows!

Chamberlain Falls on the North Fork American River

The atmospheric river is responsible for delivering sufficient water for rafting on the South and Middle Forks of the American River! What is an “atmospheric river”? How can we know what rafting flows will be like? How does this relate to whether California is in drought? If you are interested in the answers to these […]

The Jedi Master Returns

If you rafted with us between 2005 and 2011 you may remember a tall, bearded, imposing, yet gentle figure that graced the camp.  Assisted by such blithe spirits as Scotty, Penny, Jose, Randy, Heather, Joe T. and of course, Charlie the River Dog, that figure was Greg Hawkins, the alter ego of Obi Wan Kenobi, […]

Reflections on COVID

  Recently President Joe Biden spoke movingly about the 500,000 people that have been lost to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. He challenged us to reflect upon and mourn those lost to us. This is such a painful process I was reluctant to do it at first. Then finally, I decided to let myself remember just […]

MaLode Urges Eco-Approach to Health

The Mother Lode River Center was officially formed in January 2000 with the addition of the Outdoor Education Program and Challenge Ropes Course. This article is reposted each season as a reminder of our ongoing commitment to its founding principles. Some of the statistics in this article have changed over the last 17 years, the […]

Happiness in Nature

river vacation

Does scientific evidence support the concept that there a link between happiness and nature? Scientists working in a variety of areas including psychology, health, conservation, economics, and other disciplines are increasingly asking whether there is a link between subjective well-being or happiness and the experience of nature. A new technique may provide a way to […]

Conservation of Beauty

Kalalau Valley, Kauai

My wife and I are in Kauai enjoying Christmas with our family. It is great to be here and to be together revisiting one of our favorite places on the planet. A lot has changed in the 30 years we’ve been coming here and yet the attraction of the Garden Isle is still strong for […]

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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