Whitewater Rafting

Lis continuing through Satan's Cesspool...

You get everything you want with three forks of the American River to choose from. Family fun, adventure seekers and the truly daring.

Challenge Ropes Course

Leap of Faith Element

Are you ready for a physical and mental workout? Then you’ll love our challenge ropes course!

Outdoor Education

Eagerly drinking in all of the new river knowledge he has learned today!

If you like learning and want to gain a deeper connection and appreciation for the great outdoors, you can’t miss our outdoors educational programs.



Mother Lode River Center is located along the South Fork American River in Northern California. One hour from Sacramento and three hours from the Bay Area.

6280 Highway 49, Lotus, CA 95651



Camping the way you want. Tents, Glamour Camping, Retreat House – it’s your choice.


Changing the Climate, One Ride at a Time

Changing the Climate, One Ride at a Time

Two years ago I took a class called, “Ecological Anthropology,” which is about the relationship between humans and their environments. Specifically, …
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