Our mission at Mother Lode River Center is to provide experiential education programs which incorporate hands-on, science-based learning, adventure, team and community building and a broad spectrum of cultural heritage activities. 

These programs promote deeper understanding, respect and a sense of responsibility for ourselves, our community and our vital role in the ecological web.

Gold Rush History (4th Grade Curriculum)

This program covers a unique blend of Social Science curriculum topics, including: physical and human geography of California, Native american cultures and the economic, social and political effects of the California Gold Rush. GRH

River Science Program

The Mother Lode River Center is an ideal place to study a riparian habitat, the dynamics of water, the water cycle, erosion, scientific method, aquatic life and food chains. In our River Science programs, students will be given a unique opportunity to observe what they are studying about in the classroom directly, and explore their own curiosity about the world. RiverScience

Life Skills Development Program

Our Life Skills Development Program utilizes experiential learning to foster life skills development and personal growth. We emphasize self-esteem, trust, problem solving, discovery and social responsibility. As students work together through a physically and mentally challenging course, teamwork and skills are the main focus. LifeSkills

Wilderness Tournament

During Mother Lode River Center’s Wilderness Tournament, students will learn outdoor survival skills in swift-water rescue, fire making, shelter building, critical observation and wilderness medicine. Other exercises designed to hone their expedition skills in group communication, trust, leadership and courage. WTour

Whitewater Rafting

Depending on your group size and level of experience, allow us to make a recommendation as to which river will best fit your students! This is a great way to finish up a trip full of team-building and collaboration, as students get an opportunity to work together in their own small group dynamics (in separate rafts).wwr